DELACAVE is a french Gloomy Dark-wave / Post Punk duo with Liliane Pourie Chansard and Seb Normal, members of « La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l'Est ».   Vocals, keyboard, bass and rhythms create a haunting, emotional and disturbing atmosphere. Since 2008, the band operates at open heart with clouds of melodies, and come-hither rhythms in a complete complicity. Signed on Teenage Menopause Records. They also play in Le Chemin de la Honte. Seb Normal is part of various bands (Feeling of Love, Le Chômage, 1400 Points de Suture...) Many times, they went on tour in Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium,...) and also in U.S.A (2012) and Japan (2017).
Label : Teenage Menopause 
Style : Post punk

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