Officium aka Alban Mercier (Ended, Officium & Tzii, Geoid Color Circle) is a french musician based in Marseille. His music is an intimate research on perception, memory and inward visions: sometimes violent, yet poetic and definitely elegiacal. Officium is mainly focused on electronic music production and live performances, field recordings, film sound design, installations and audiovisual sculptures, DJing and radiophonic practices. Most of the time, Officium plays solo with an electronic setup composed of Elektron samplers, modulars synths, analogue drum machines, effects pedals and remains as DIY as possible. He also uses traditional instruments like the Indian dilruba and Turkish flutes with the idea of making acoustic music modified by modern processes like modular effects. He likes to collaborate, as much in the studio than during live performances, and has done so lately with Eric Desjeux (Tzii) and Katia Lecomte Mirsky (Catherine Danger), Gaëtan Bizien (UVB 76, NZE NZE) and Théo Delaunay (Violent Quand On Aime, Constance Chlore, Panoptique). After releases on labels like Vastechoses, OKVLT, 2F4F, Night On Earth, Demord Enregistrements... the next album will be published on the German label Dispari run by Phuong-Dan. It’s in a field of occulture that his research draws its sources and finds axes of work, in particular through the theories developed in the industrial, experimental & DIY musics. Either way, his bleak approach to sound will always end up making the listeners dance.
Label : Vastechoses, OKVLT, 2F4F, Night On Earth, Demord Enregistrements
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