From Liège aka Tox’city (Belgium), the duo has already released 5 LP and one split with Duchess Says.  The new « album » is a mixture of cold EBM and frontal synth punk, more electronic than the previous That comes to life on stage in a really wild and intense manner. Their synth punk delivery is loud, chaotic and sweaty. They describe their music as a fantastic door leading straight to a Forbidden Zone, where the king, the queen, the dwarf, the naked girls and the Lord Of Darkness, all high on steroids, their eyes bulging and their bodies covered in sweat,  turn the 6th dimension into a backroom of seeping walls and saturated atmospheres of poppers' fumes.
Label : Teenage Menopause 
Style : Synth punk EBM wave

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Contact : maxime@piloriprod.com