Solo minimal raw beats by Brussels based midnight lurker Matthieu Levet, also part of the duo Carcass Identity (with Bear Bones Lay Low). His live performance often turns the venue to a black hole of analog percussions and heavy distorted dub bass, drowning the audience in a splurge of electronic tonal and atonal dribble. After 'Let's Go There' his first LP on Cold Moss, his new album 'Invisible Design' was just released on Czaszka Records. He also appeared on the last Vaste Dub compilation (Vastechoses)
Performed in north and east Europe, UK, Japan (Cafe Oto London, Salon des Amateurs Düsseldorf, Kraak Festival Brussels, Forestlimit Tokyo, Sonic Protest Paris) and toured with Bear Bones Lay Low, Accou, Spoils & Relics, CIA debutante, Descendeur, Uj Bala.

Style : Noise ambient 
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